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Decoration & Upgrading of jars and bottles | Glaspack

coating, upgrading and screen-printing of glass packaging

Besides developing individual articles decoration of glass packaging offers various ways to personalize standard or individual articles to increase attractivity of your product and sales. 

This is often way cheaper then investing in mouldsets and producing a personalized bottle or jar. Quantities are much lower - efficiency often starts from 5-10tsd pcs. BUT there are a lot of points to pay attention to to get the best possible result in time with minimum costs. With our long term experience in this sector and the amount of successfull developed projects we are able to offer you  all the support you need - always optimizing time, costs and assuring satisfying results.

Choosing the right partner:

There are a lot of  suppliers offering decoration services all over Europe. All have different strenghts, special possibilities as well as disadvantages in their services. We find out the best possible partner for your project by considering  costs, time, quality and quantity so that your "dream" of your special packaging solution does not become a "nightmare" in the end


Evaluating and negotiating offers:

It is important to not only look at the price per piece - but also think about costs for tools, samples, screens, grafic services, storage, flexibility, reliablity, freight rates and many more. Depending on several parameters the price that seems to be the best on the first sight might end up beeing the highest afterwards. We have an eye on everything and the "feeling" to know what will be the best solution


Warehousing / financing:

Depending on your need and agreement we store and finance your decorated items until you need them. We offer flexible models to cover your needs the best way we can 


Entire coordination of your project:

If all points have been claryfied and the samples as well as the order has been approved we´ll start coordinating every necessary step: from JIT-supply of the glass packaging to the decoration companies site to supervising the decoration process itself to storage and JIT-delivery to your warehouse / production



Creating samples before mass production is important to check technical functionality and design. We coordinate all necessary points - from checking the data to sending out the finished samples with fitting closures etc  

Individual upgrades for your bottles and jars

Let us introduce you to our various ways to decorate your glass packaging:


Specific colours, transparent or opaque, shiny or matt, full body or partly covered

All around screen-printing

Is possible directly on glass or on coatings and the following 2 kinds of colors / methods: 

  • ceramic colors (not possible on coated bottles, returnable, scratch resistant)
  • organic colors (possible on coated bottles, non-returnable, broad range of colors)

Hot-foil stamping

Silver, gold, copper in different tones - in the meantime also almost all kind of colors due to a new proceedure

Individual designs for closures

Your own design on Twist-Off-Closures, laquered or branded wood-top-corks, screw-caps for spirit bottles with head or side print - we offer several ways to individualize your closing systems

Contact us to talk about our ways to create your individual decorated packaging -
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