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Individual & personalized bottles and jars

Individualized glass packaging | Glaspack

In todays food and beverage market it´s getting more and more important to create your own USP. A unique and interesting product design is one of the most important factors as it has a big influence on the costumers decision at the POS. Besides decoration of standard articles individual designed and personalized jars and bottles offer very interesting ways to be different from your opponents. A packaging with a uniqe design, outstanding feeling and special functions draw the attention of your potential costumers and increase the probability of a positive purchase decision. 

Of course producing your own article together with a retailer and producer also is a binding agreement, means some kind of dependency for both parties and causes financial investments. The decision for a individual and personalized glass packaging is a long term and strategic method and should therefore be well considered.

Through our long term experience on the market and best contacts to almost all glass producers in Europe we are able to offer you the best options to make your project successfull from the beginning on - cost efficient, reliable and flexible. 

Mentoring / packaging itself:

Due to our experience and number of successfull realized projects we know all about what matters - designs, technical points and optimized costs all over the whole production chain


developing synergy effects:

sometimes it is possible to use some synergy effects that safe money and time by f.e. using parts of existing mouldsets or adjusting them, combining production quantities to split the fix costs and many more


Developing technical drawings and samples

As soon as the right producer has been found and the costs have been claryfied & agreed we provide you with technical drawings and - if necessary - 3D or plexiglass samples. We also take care about sample runs to test your new article on-line before mass production


Working out individual and flexible offers:

Depending on your need we offer various terms of delivery and financing. Whether you want to pay for the moulds or you would like to choose armortisation over a defined timeline, prices exw or delivered to your warehouse etc. As a family owned company we offer pragmatic and flexible ways to get together 


Finding out the right producer:

Every producer has it´s own "character" - some a specialists in flint glass, special bottles, small production runs - some are best in long-run productions and colored glass a.s.o. Also fix costs for mouldsets, times of delivery, reliability and quality are most important parameters to find out the right production plant for your item. We know how to deal with all the suppliers and have best contacts for best results and efficiency

We have a broad range of individual articles made out of our own mouldsets that are sold to our costumers and have managed to realize various special individual articles for our costumers. We know how it works and count on true words and trustfull partnerships from the beginning on. 


We are your partner for individualized articles for your success - from the idea to the ready-for-sale product!




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